Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lord you can have it all.... but don't touch the iPhone

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So the phase that had been a constant phrase in our prayers was "Lord please help us in our financial situation.... everything is yours but please don't ask for us to give up our iPhones. They are our one source of Joy!" I know that as you read that many of you go ahhhh I know where this is going... Gods gonna ask you to give them up?? And yes you are right but instead I want to ask you a question... are there areas in your life that you are asking God to not touch? Ponder that for a moment then read on....

OK now on with the story, so yes you are right the Lord asked us to give them up and with obedient hearts (and reluctant hearts) we gave them up and got "ghetto phones". These phone did not compare and yes they worked (well most of the time) but they didn't do anything cool. BUT it was such a sweet time of Disconnect. Now is where it gets good... the blessings that poured in were unexplainable and amazing. We got a roommate which has been a sweet little blessing and joy to our family, we got more back on our tax return, we've been able to pay off some major medical bills, our mortgage company just decided to randomly lower our mortgage $200 (who does that??)... and many other blessings have come our way. We are FAR from being in the place that we want to be and still say no WAY MORE than yes. But we are overjoyed with Gods favor and love overflowing from our lives.

Now here is the conclusion of the story... Why did we get rid of our iPhones? Well we were paying for data plans and that cost us $60 a month. After making some changes to our plan with our ghetto phones we were saving about $90 a month with ghetto phones. JUST YESTERDAY my wonderful hubby changed his service to his corporate account and lowered my plan even more and now we are able to have our iPhones back while saving even more money AND AND AND we get to return the ghetto phones for a full REFUND!!! WHAT??? Yep God was just testing our hearts and I am so glad that we passed the test and that we found his path to freedom and full surrender.

So again ask the Lord to search your heart or maybe you already know, there may be those things in your life that the Lord is just waiting in anticipation for you to let go of before he unleashes his blessings upon your life. It will be painful (that's why we are holding onto it right?) and you may not get it back like we did BUT I can tell you that if I had to always be stuck with ghetto phones to be stuck in Gods perfect will you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be dropping calls and texting random people for the rest of my life.

(by the way... my hubby totally had the Zack Morris HUGE cell phone back in the day, yes we are that old haha)


  1. hey friend !!! Hope everything is going well for you and it is such a blessing just to hear you surrendering it all to God i know it gets hard and i too struggle with giving up things but moving into our new house and having no floor downstairs for almost 6 months now im kinda used to ghetto-ness lol hope we can get together soon!!

  2. ps its stephanie kelley it wont let me log into my blogspot to leave a comment hehe

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