Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frugal Fashionista....

Frugal... it's just a polite word to say the truth is that I am CHEAP!! Haha... I haven't always been this way. I once upon a time would spend any money on anything that I wanted whenever I wanted it. HA. But since moving into our larger house it hit us a few years back that in order to keep this larger house it was gonna take some major sacrifice. So here we are on our journey. It's been amazing and life challenging and growing. No longer are my values and self worth wrapped up in things of the World. OK but here is the REAL reason for sharing my cheapness story...

The other day my son got on A track at his school which means I only homeschool him now 3 days instead of 5... YAY. Along with that came a new list of school supplies. So I went to the store knowing I had a very limited budget as these school supplies were not something I could plan on in a few weeks and would come from our food budget. After looking at the pencils and getting 2 new folders and then finding the pencil pouches I couldn't bring myself to spend $4 on a pencil pouch, that's lame... it's not even cute!!! So I left there spending only $2 on the supplies he needed (WHOOP WHOOP) and I would sew him a CUTE pencil pouch from CUTE fabric. HAHA So here is what we ended up with....

Isn't it cute... now I don't have to feel guilty about spending money on something lame and I am a proud mama knowing my son has the coolest pencil pouch out of his class. Now have a cheap day!!
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Customer Service... lost art form

A couple weeks our wonderful Keurig started brewing only half cups... frustrated at this since we only had it for about 4 months I called customer service (which of course I scored a HUGE deal on... haha). They stated that I should do a de-scaling and it should work fine. Did that... didn't work. So called them again one morning before taking the kiddos to school and after running tons of tests of clean this clean that, they determined it was broken and would send me a new one. That was a Wednesday and Thursday guess what showed up at my door??

Thanks Keurig for having awesome customer service. Love you and think of you every morning when I have that amazing cup of coffee.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Such a crazy week....

Do you know how many times I have come to write on my blog... my journal is bursting at its seems with amazing revelations that I am dying to share with you. Ahhhh

So first if you haven't read this blog you need to... my dear friend Tracey is starting a new amazing journey and is going all out. Trust me this is an inspirational story you don't wanna miss.

More news... I am going to be doing a half marathon in June... there it's out there and now I must finish it. Ahhh it's been a rocky journey with already having an injury but hey let's get them out of the way early. This is part of the reason I have neglected my blog... needed some rest time. This week I got back out there twice and it felt good. Except for the burning pins piercing my lungs... never smoked and never will but I can imagine that's what a runner that smokes must feel like. But I am pushing through it's a little defeating how quickly your body loses it's momentum after just 2.5 weeks of being out. But hey the Lord is my strength and with Him I can do all things... even roll my fat booty out of bed at 5:30am 4 times a week to run... UGH!!

So I will be speaking in a few weeks to our Jr High Group (whoop Whoop for the Core... YAY) and I always need a LOONG time to meditate on the Word and absorb it in my every blood tissue and DNA. It just doesn't come easily for me as it does my amazing hubby but here I go, I will be speaking on Ephesians 1:7-10 well after absorbing it partially my word is "Together" God has always intended us to work together and live in Harmony together... this is why He always called to "ordinary" to preach his word. It's so easy for us to get caught up in status and think that we are better than someone else but God doesn't call us to be extraordinary and self righteous he has always called us to an even playing field. This isn't a sports try out that only the best make it. I have so much more love and Joy in my life when I let go of people and surroundings and focus directly on Jesus and allow my eyes to meet his, to allow my heart to beat in unison with His, to see others as broken, to hear God on a daily basis and have my heart yoked with His. When you are yoked with the Lord it allows you to work together in a harmonious way free from guilt or strife since it's almost like the Lord whispers sweetly and softly to you "that's not truth my loved one... don't buy that lie" or even "that person is really broken and hurt they just need a friend". Reaching out to other and being accountable to one another is just as the Lord intended life to be. Isolation is the first thing that the enemy does to our hearts. If the enemy can get us alone in our heads that's when he does his best work.
Something to ponder... does being together and authentic in our failures and pains scare you?? If it does why?? Maybe the Lord is wanting you to live better together.

This is a work in progress but these are my first thoughts...
GEESH I am all over the place today... must be the run and then all that coffee. Hope I didn't lose you and you still love me. haha
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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year New Blog...

So this last year has been a crazy adventure for sure I will be making a layout soon about a year in review and how the Lord has really changed our lives and outlook this last year.

Why a new blog?? Well the hubs and I are in a season of simplifying and making small changes in our life to have HUGE rewards later. So this is the deal, if we don't love it... use it... or need it then it's gone. Either selling it on Craigs List or giving it away to Goodwill or a family in need. The hubby and I wanted our lives and home to reflect the things that are in our hearts. So out with the old and in with the... well old. HAHA. We are looking forward and making sure that we are never so cluttered in our life that we miss the true meaning of why we are here.

This last year the Lord had on multiple occasions told me and convicted me on my busy-ness. It bothered me every time that I heard someone mention that they were too busy to do this or do that and I was curious about why that bothered me so much and I reflected on my own life and how many times I said those very words. Then the Lords soft and still voice whispered... leave it all and follow me. This is one of those TRUST moments that had me at a HUGE crossroads. I loved my busy hectic life of youth ministry, homeschooling, scrapbooking design teams, marketing, teaching classes and then throw in being a mom and wife. I was swamped and did I really have any time to be still and rest in the Lord?? The answer was easy, no I didn't. So over the next few months I slowly let go of all obligations except for being a wife, mom, youth leader and homeschooling my kids. I am so thankful for change and I have found a brand new outlook on life and found Joy that had been lost inside of my crazy life. So this is my new adventure into a new life which for me meant a new blog... what will you find here?? You will find crazy stories as I homeschool 3 kiddos, my art projects and decorating transformations (turning trash into treasures), sewing and playing with fabrics, always playing with paper making mini books, cards, and layouts, painting and most of all our adventures in our pursuit of the All Mighty. Hope you will follow me on this crazy adventure of my "house of 5" (maybe one day 6 if our hope for adoption happens) but that's another blog post in itself.

Be blessed in your pursuit of Him.
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