Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lead me to green pastures....

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In the midst of chaos God always shines His bright light of love on darkness. Last night a dear friend of mine had Gods amazing power shine greatly on a dark situation and used Psalm 23 to bring that light to lead to the green pastures...
I will not fear, you are with me (vs. 4). We need to know God so deeply and personally that NOTHING can separate us from His amazing anointing, goodness and LOVE.
In verse 4 it talks about His rod and staff bringing comfort. What I love about this verse is the rod and staff that David is referring to are shepards tools that the rod was to lead, guide, correct, rescuing the lost sheep and even beating away animals that were going to attack the sheep. Then the Staff was a tool that was meant for support. So just in those few words it says that God is our Leader, Guider, Corrector (which at times can be painful), Rescuer and our Supporter. What a sweet picture that as He does all these things His desire is to lead us to the green pastures and still waters. His desire is to bring REST to our souls.
God is so good and so faithful if you wait and listen for His leading. When we rush God we miss many lessons and miss ALL that He has for us.

Many victories... so here is my update on my journey with the Lord. This week was a few major milestones for me. I am now officially the lowest weight I have been since I gave birth to my youngest. I am at 164.2!!!! AND many small (but HUGE to me) victories this week. I can see my heart being transformed and no longer feel the overwhelming power and pull of the world to food. I am ok with waiting till I am hungry and being content with less. YES sometimes I mess up but the Lords sweet voice uses his Rod to bring correction and leads me back to the green pasture by my obedience to wait until I am hungry next. It's been such a sweet journey and it's not even close to being over but I do feel that this week I climbed some tough terrain and I feel victorious.
Moments of victory for me look like this...
** Being OK with a 3"sub from Subway
** Not even getting a meal when hungry and eating bites off my kids
** Not getting or taking bites of my kids donuts
** Today ends my 30 day fast from sweets and having no desire for them
** Going to the movies and not eating the whole bag of popcorn and not getting candy
** Eating out and having the waiter think that I didn't like the food because it looked like I hardly ate but instead I was just full.
These are all things that God gets the GLORY for because a few months ago I would have failed every moment. God is good and gracious to show up every time you seek Him but your heart has to be ready for the leading and guiding. But first you have to be willing to be honest with yourself and ready to admit you are a work in progress.

I encourage you to read 2 Peter 1: 2-11

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