Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frugal Fashionista....

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Frugal... it's just a polite word to say the truth is that I am CHEAP!! Haha... I haven't always been this way. I once upon a time would spend any money on anything that I wanted whenever I wanted it. HA. But since moving into our larger house it hit us a few years back that in order to keep this larger house it was gonna take some major sacrifice. So here we are on our journey. It's been amazing and life challenging and growing. No longer are my values and self worth wrapped up in things of the World. OK but here is the REAL reason for sharing my cheapness story...

The other day my son got on A track at his school which means I only homeschool him now 3 days instead of 5... YAY. Along with that came a new list of school supplies. So I went to the store knowing I had a very limited budget as these school supplies were not something I could plan on in a few weeks and would come from our food budget. After looking at the pencils and getting 2 new folders and then finding the pencil pouches I couldn't bring myself to spend $4 on a pencil pouch, that's lame... it's not even cute!!! So I left there spending only $2 on the supplies he needed (WHOOP WHOOP) and I would sew him a CUTE pencil pouch from CUTE fabric. HAHA So here is what we ended up with....

Isn't it cute... now I don't have to feel guilty about spending money on something lame and I am a proud mama knowing my son has the coolest pencil pouch out of his class. Now have a cheap day!!


  1. Is it working well for him? I think you should try selling those on Etsy. :0)

  2. Cute idea. I like how being frugal, makes us rethink "just buying things" and forces us to look at what we already have and making something with it.